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Throwing Resources


Below you will find throwing resources for our coaches, players and parents that we as the Dayton Classics believe help to encourage proper throwing technique, arm care and increased arm strength with all of our players. 


J-Band Routine

Many of you have ordered or already have Jaeger bands, if not you can email us about getting some before the upcoming season if you would like. The following exercises are ones we suggest performing BEFORE and AFTER throwing. Band work has many benefits for throwing athletes including increasing blood flow and stabilization of the scapula and rotator cuff pre and post throwing. The following exercises are the ones we suggest using and you will find below the full J-Band Dual Arm band program which is more extensive. The following exercises were found in Driveline Baseball's Hacking the Kinetic Chain throwing manual which is a great resource for building high velocity throwing patterns and proper arm care (Driveline Baseball Website). We suggest all coaches and players check our their amazing blog with great insight into data-driven player development.

  • Reverse Fly to Overhead Reach

  • Forward Fly to Overhead Reach

  • External Rotations

  • Internal Rotations

  • Bicep Curls w/ Supination

  • Tricep Extensions w/ Pronation

  • Reverse Scap Pullaparts

  • Band Pullaparts

  • No Money Drill

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