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The Dayton Classics Baseball Organization was started in 1999 by H.A. Scott and Jimmy Chandler under the banner of the Patterson Park Dayton Classics. The Classics have evolved from a locally dominant to a nationally recognized organization which has won several national championships and competed deep into others. The Classics have had several players go on to play professionally at all levels, including the major leagues. Since 1999, the Classics have produced more than 250 players who have gone on to play college baseball and 15 professionally. We are extremely proud of all of our alumni.

We take great pride in the strong tradition of sound fundamentals and discipline which H.A. Scott and Jimmy Chandler installed as the basis of the organization. Those traditions continue today and are a major point of emphasis, as you can see from our mission. The college experiences of H.A at Arkansas and Jimmy at Eastern Kentucky are celebrated by the continued use of the cardinal red as a Classics color.

Our purpose is to provide players the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and provide the exposure which will allow them to excel in high school and will allow them the opportunity to play in college or professionally.

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