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For Our Players:

  • Individual Evaluations, an Player Development Plan, and on-going evaluations.

  • Nutritional Seminars

  • Sports Performance Training including age appropriate and sports appropriate strength, agility, and speed training run by professional trainers.

  • Academic Support, including reduced cost to tutoring and ACT Prep Courses. Goal of having 3.0 or better students. We encourage excellence in all aspects of life.

  • Predetermined coaching goals for each age group. This will outline the skills to be taught at each age group.

  • Recruiting Seminars (15u-18u)

  • Year Round access to MVP (our indoor training facility) during designated times

  • Year Round access to the ProBatter Simulator

  • Access to the Dayton Classics Professional Staff for team instruction.

  • Access to the Dayton Classics Professional Staff for individual or small group lessons at a reduced rate.

  • Access to the Dayton Classics Professional Training Programs. Some for free, some at a discounted rate. 

  • Dayton Classics Training Programs for both advanced and beginners levels: 

    • Arm Care Program

    • Velocity Development for Throwing

    • Bat Speed Development Program

    • Athletic Training combine evaluations and training

    • Speed Training

    • Mental Game Training

    • Accelerated Infield Training

    • Pitching Programs

    • Catchers Training Programs

    • Long Toss Program

    • Video Analysis of Hitting, Pitching, and Fielding

    • Hitting Leagues

  •  Accountability and Non-Entitlement Training

  • On-going player promotion, high level exposure opportunities , and recruiting services (15u-18u). Our Goal is to find the best fit academically, athletically, socially, and financially.

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