Welcome to GameSense.

To start using the app, follow the below process:

  1. Go to this link and login: https://app.gamesensesports.com/login/?anonymous_id=da5441e4-0a6d-4add-a04e-c37e10a9ca10

  2. Your Username is your email.

  3. Your password is your plus your. For example, Clune 11u would be clune11 (no space, no “u”).

  4. After you are logged in, change your password.

Most athletic training focuses on physical aspects such as mechanics, reps, and conditioning, with less emphasis on mental components such as “reaction time” and “consistency”.  By using the gameSense app, athletes can get unlimited virtual reps, anytime, anywhere which means no more falling behind due to weather, daylight, illness, or injury to develop their “mental” skills.


The gameSense app lets hitters practice Pitch Recognition by watching pitches that get cut off. Guess the Type of Pitch and Ball/Strike. Check this Video to see what the gS app is about. 

  • For a complete introduction to using check out this 

  • You can play on any . Watch this 2-minute video for using . 

  • Or you can play on iPad/iPhone. Go to the and install "Pitch-IQ" (no Android app available). You can mix using computer and iPad/iPhone. Log-in is the same for both. The button format of the iPad is probably better suited for easiest use for players.


Have fun; get better!

  • 15 minutes a day for a week = 200 At-Bats, same as a full college season! 


  • 10 drills = 100 pitches. But 10 days of 10 drills = 1000 pitches! See more pitches!